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 Fanciful Debutant

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PostSubject: Fanciful Debutant   Fanciful Debutant I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 11:14 am

History of Howler.... See history page

History of Coming to X-men

Perhaps as a majority of x-men coming to the institute, Howler was found by Cerebro, the earlier mutant detection system. However, being of a weak nature and non-fully formed latent mutant gene, Howler was initially passed up for being sent to the institute. However, once combining with his symbiote, Howler powers fully manifestation and in his early teen's he was picked up and brought over, of course it was much to the dismay of his parents and of course grandma who wanted her baby around.

It wasn't anyone famous that picked him up, but rather a simple time mutant that knew of someone who knew of someone, the list can go on. Being contacted, sent the forms, and having virtually no contact with anyone about the institute, the decision was not made lightly or with little thought.

A earlier student, Howler never fully wanted to comply with the school's rigid structure and hierarchy. He valued the lessons taught, but found that he could take the majority of them anyway, history, math, art, English, science, as only third year students start to get help controlling there powers, and of course they could only use them in designated area's. Howler didn't like this much, perhaps it was the symbiote wanting more freedom, the just teenage stretching of the wings. Howler slowly faded from his classes, preferring to do more domestic duties and have the extra freedom it allowed him. Cooking, cleaning, and of course his favorite, reading.

It was the cooking aspect that gave him a purpose at the mansion, people have to eat, and it is much better to have a good time if you have a full tummy.

Speculation circulated when a couple of the professors started calling him howler, perhaps because he sang while he cooked, or wailed when he showered. In either case, the name stuck and we come to more recent events.

Profession in the X-men

Today Howler is head chief for the x-men, prepares there meals, and makes sure domestic duties are done, cleaning, wash, such. Much more at home than in the kitchen, Howler isn't one who takes school heavily, instead he wishes to have a restaurant and earn a living doing work instead of learning from a book.
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Fanciful Debutant
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