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 Update (21-06-2009)

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Update (21-06-2009) Empty
PostSubject: Update (21-06-2009)   Update (21-06-2009) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 11:29 am

Traits System

New traits will be introduced: TELEPORTATION. After much consideration, I have come up with a structure which will possibly be fair to all.

Quote :
Name: Teleportation
Description: A ability to transfer oneself from one place to another.
  • Gift of teleportation: Attained the ability to teleport through Mutant genes or other equipments. Allow user to use teleportation for 3 times in a row before they are needed to rest for 1 turn. Close distance teleportation.(6 TP)

  • Student of teleportation: The user has practiced for quite some time and is able to teleport for 4 turns straight before needing to rest for 1 turn. Long distance teleportation(4 TP and Gift of teleportation)

  • Master of teleportation: Teleportation is simple to the user now. He can teleportation at his free will. However there is still a limit to his power: 4 teleportations in a row before resting for 1 turn.(2 TP and student of teleportation)

  • Advanced teleportation: Able to teleport out of psychic fields/barriers and also able to teleport into other realms. Requires 5 post of buffer time after each advanced teleportation. (3TP and master of teleportation)

Additional Note: Please note that this ability requires the integrity of player. If player is found to GM with this ability, the ability will be removed from the user and the Teleportation ability may be banned from new players.

Signing off,
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Update (21-06-2009)
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