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 Welcome! The Universe awaits you.

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Welcome! The Universe awaits you. Empty
PostSubject: Welcome! The Universe awaits you.   Welcome! The Universe awaits you. I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2009 11:17 pm

Welcome to
the Marvel Universe!

In a Universe where criminals are more than your regular thieves and robbers, you will need more than your regular civil servants to stop them. Being the last hope for the whole of mankind, man with super powers will step up at a time like this. They shall don their masks and fight like heroes for the simple wish to protect those who they love. Ultimately, the world shall celebrate their triumph and their adventures shall be told for centuries.

However, their road to triumph will not be an easy one. Many obstacles stand in their way and one of which will be those who abuse their power for their own benefits. Super-villains will be term we shall call them. They are chosen to be blessed with power yet they used them for their own selfish reason. Will it be for fame, for fortune, for lust or maybe for something more? The minds of these men shall remain to be explored for a true villain's intention is never simple.

And how about those who wakes up in the morning and realize that they are no longer themselves? They look into the mirrors to find something else horrid looking back and they screamed in fear. But what are they are afraid of? Nothing but their true faces, revealed to them only when mutation kicks in. Mutants, these people are branded with this word. Their differences isolated them from the society who discriminate them out of fear. Yet there are those who would use their new found powers to protect their kind, these are true heroes indeed.

Well, this will be the Universe that you will be stepping into. One with so many dangers that you might not know if there will be a tomorrow. Are you brave enough to venture into it? Well, if you say so.

The Universe awaits you.
From the Staff,
Nice of you to have dropped by in our Universe. Please read through the Rules and Guidelines Section where you will find the following content:
Alliances and Headquarters
Stats System
Traits System
Hero Points System
Forbidden Characters
and other general guides

After you have done so, please start creating your own characters at the Registration Category. If there are still anything that you are unsure of, please leave a message in the Question and Answer area. We will get there as fast as we can.

We hope to see great things from you.

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Welcome! The Universe awaits you.
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